Written by Jason Swingen, Updated

It was a cold weekend at Upper Red lake in Minnesota. With temps as low as -37 the first morning we had a tough start getting equipment to work. The brake fluid in the snowmobile froze locking the breaks, and the augers would barely run. Fishing reports were hit and miss for most anglers on upper red, but we were able to catch our limit each of our three days on the lake.

Gear Used

  • Rod: 13 fishing 27L Ticle Stick
  • Reel: Shimano Sienna
  • Line: 4lb sufix fluorocarbon
  • Lure: VMC rattle spoon (gold)

We had to change our presentations multiple times though-out the day to keep the fish biting. We caught the majority of our fish using red glow rattle spoons in the mornings and evenings tipped with a minnow head. During the middle of the day most of our fish came from dead-sticking full minnows tail-hooked on silver, gold, or red colored spoons.