The Best Method for Fixing Cork Handles

The Best Method for Fixing Cork Handles

I’ve tried many different methods to fix the cracks and gaps in the cork on my old and even new fishing rod handles. First, I tried Sanding wine cork bottles and mixing with wood glue to make a cork paste. Then, trying regular wood filler. Finally giving up and wrapping my handles with Winn Grips.

I was tired of the mess and the amount of time it took to make a paste, fill the cracks, wait for it to dry then sanding it smooth.

One day I was tying up a nymph for fly fishing and thought, “Why can’t I just use my Loon UV Resin to fill the gaps on my fishing rod handles?”.

I started off with just one gap and went fishing for an entire day. It worked great! No more annoying cracks and gaps, and it’s so easy and fast to do.

You can use this process on any fishing rod handle including spinning, baitcasting, trolling, and even ice fishing rods. See the entire process of how to fix your cork handles below!

Cork Handle with Gaps
Cork Handle with Gaps
Scrape out any extra filler material
Scrape out any extra filler material. You can use a bodkin, pin, or even a toothpick.
Squeeze UV Finishg into gaps
Squeeze UV Finish into gaps.
Shine UV light on area
Shine a UV light on the area for 10-30 seconds.
Fxied fishing rod cork
That it! Your rod is ready immidiadly. Admire you work and go fishing!

Try it out! All you only need UV Resin and a UV light.

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