Review of the 13 Fishing Concept C

Review of the 13 Fishing Concept C

13 fishing is a tackle manufacturer based out of Tampa Florida. They currently make fishing products such as reels and rods for freshwater, saltwater as well as ice fishing.

I have a LH Concept C in an 8.1.1 gear ratio, but this is a general review on the Concept C.

Enjoy life outside and in, respect your fellow man and woman, always honor our precious fishing environment and its resources. Make your own luck.




  • Airfoil Carbon Sideplates
  • Upgraded Stainless Gear Shaft
  • 9 Total Ball Bearings Including 4 Anti-corrosion And A Dead Stop Anti-reverse Bearing
  • Arrowhead Line Guide
  • 22lb Bulldog Drag System
  • 6-way Centrifugal Braking System
  • Concept Cork Handle Knobs
  • Beetle Wing Side Plate


The Concept C as well as all of 13 fishings Concept reels really do look like a concept. There are swooping lines and curves the flow into one another. It looks as if it was designed by someone at Ferrari. It has a great fit and finish, with smooth semi glossy paint. It looks matte in the shade, but shimmers in the sun without being blindingly reflective.


Extremely low profile that positions the reel nearly right in-line with the rod. The thumb lever is U-shaped and fits your thumb extremely well. There is also a nice rubber pad that gives a nice feel and helps keep your thumb on the lever. The cork grips not only feel great, but really bring the whole package together.


9 total ball bearings, including 4 anti-corrosion and a dead stop anti-reverse bearing. This reel in incredibly smooth, and can cast extremely far, even with lightweight lures.


22lb of drag is extremely impressive. I have my reel paired with a 6’1” Medium omen rod that I throw lighter squarebill crankbaits, rage rigs, wacky rigged senkos, and other lighter lures. The drag will come in nicely for certain applications however, such as jigging for lake trout in the winter.


I love the beetle wing side plate that reveals the 6-way centrifugal braking system. It reinforces my belief that 13 fishing had a Ferrari engineer design their reels.


This is a fantastic reel. It looks great, feels great, casts a mile and and has the drag to pull in any fish. Is it worth $230? That’s the difficult question. If I were going to buy another reel I would seriously consider a 13 Fishing product. I would most likely purchase a Concept A, giving its cheaper price point ($175). If you would spend $55 on 2 more bearing than go for the Concept C. Otherwise take a look at the Concept A.